Active Lifestyles: Mike


Active Lifestyles Profile:  Mike (aka Big Mike) Carfang

Mike’s Blog: Big Mike’s World | The Thoughts & Opinions of One Man (Please click blog link or his picture below and check it out!)

Age: 38

Scott AFB, IL


I’ve been reading Mike’s blog for a while now, and love his outlook on life.  He’s really funny, active, and keeps it real – what more could you ask for?!  I asked him a couple questions about his active lifestyle, check it out below.

Joy: What is your typical workout schedule?

Mike: This all changes when I train for different things such as a half marathon or a century long bike ride.  Right now I’m training for a duathlon. I have a potential of 2 I’m looking at, based on how training goes for me.  The first one is a 5k run-12.8 mile bike-5k run.  The other is 2 mile run- 20 mile bike – 2 mile run.  The second is the more pleasurable sounding for me. 🙂

  • Mon: Ride 24-36 miles
  • Tue: full body weight routine (approx 2 moves per body part) I call this my muscle maintenance day
  • *Wed: run 5k, bike 24 miles
  • *Thurs: bike 12 miles, run 2 miles (kind of a recovery day but want to practice the different transition)
  • Fri: Rest day!  more like chore day around the house
  • Sat: some kind of bike ride, distance depends on how legs feel
  • Sun: cardio cardio cardio! This is where I incorporate Insanity, and some kind of other whatever.  Usually something you or Coach posted.

* Transitions rotate every week, so I can work on the higher mileage run before and after the bike.
I also work on how I do each day.  I try and work on changes to how I pedal, or stride, or how I hold my posture, or speed, etc.  This schedule is insanely hard to keep, but so far so good!

I also:

  • play softball 3 nights a week – Tue / Thurs / Fri
  • have to keep 2 crazy rambunctious Jack Russell Terriers occupied
  • go to physical therapy 3 days a week for my neck.  I do an entire back workout routine then get electric stim

Joy:  How long have you been into your fitness lifestyle?

Mike:  Since early 2000’s I found my love for cycling.  I couldn’t get enough of mt. biking, I was in Alaska after all!  Later I got into road cycling then raced for a bit while in California and Colorado. Running as a sport became interesting to me about 4 years ago.  I started running as a way to help my wife keep up on her training for her military physical tests.  We both came to the conclusion that her “crash” training for her running segment wasn’t the way to things. So we decided to do organized running events to stay motivated.
The food aspect of my healthy living didn’t really change until last year.  I always loved fresh foods but I never restricted myself to just those.  My biggest fears in the food world are pizza-cake-and more pizza.  I realize now that in order to burn the extra baby fat I have is to totally control my food intake.  It’s no fun to ride or run heavy.  It just isn’t.
Now I have taken things to the next level for myself, duathlon training.  Last year it didn’t pan out due to the broken ankle.  We shall see what happens this year.  I am not following any posted professional type of training or food plan.  I am doing my own little thing to see what I am capable of mentally and physically.
And that is my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

Train for a race to stay motivated!  There are so many to choose from nowadays, there is bound to be one out there that speaks to you.  Go to sites like or to find races in your area. 


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