Exercise of the Day: Superman 7 Ways


Don’t neglect the back of your body.  It is so important for good posture, injury prevention, and overall spinal health.

When you do sit ups, you are flexing your spine and strengthening the front of your core.  You NEED to balance it out and do prone back extensions (aka superman).


  1. Lie on your stomach
  2. Pull your abs in slightly (30% out of 100%)
  3. Lengthen your legs long by pulling up your kneecaps and squeezing your glutes.
  4. Toes can be flexed or pointed – your choice
  5. Chest open
  6. Shoulders retracted and depressed
  7. Neck in a neutral position
  8. Breathe!


  1. While keeping your hips stable, slowly raise your chest and upper body (3 count up)
  2. Hold at the top, keeping abdominals contracted (1-2 count)
  3. Slowly lower down (4 count down)
  4. Repeat up to 20 reps.

The first picture below is easiest, progressing to hardest.

1.  Arms Down, Palms In

2.  Arms in ‘A’ Position, Palms In

3.  Elbows Bent, Palms Down

4.  Airplane, Palms Down

5.  Arms in ‘V’ Position, Palms In

Once you move your arms overhead, really focus on keeping your shoulders and shoulder blades pressed down away from your ears with your neck in a neutral position.

6.  Arms Overhead, Palms In

To change it up, you can add rotation to the movement.

7.  Airplane with Rotation

Once you are successful with the above variations, then you can add a Bosu, a stability ball, or even a standing airplane with dumbbell.

I posted a bonus intermediate back extension exercise with a resistance tube on Twitter and Facebook.

*Please see your physician before starting any new exercise program.


2 thoughts on “Exercise of the Day: Superman 7 Ways

  1. First of all – LOVE the yellow – such an instantaneous splash of happiness!
    Secondly, those darn supermen actually work – who knew?! Actually get the abs in good shape too! (love that as a bonus affect of an exercise)
    xo reversecommuter

    • Yellow is totally out of my comfort zone, but it’s such a fun hoodie!…and I’m glad someone is into the superman moves! I love them.

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