Change Up Your Fitness: Stop and Smell the Roses!

We all get in workout habits that are hard to break.  Not EVERY workout should be at a hardcore level 10 – mix it up! This is the key to keeping yourself injury free and to break through fitness plateaus.  When you drop your intensity for a workout, it allows your body to recover more fully and makes you stronger for your next high intensity workout.

Your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) is a 1-10 scale of how you feel at certain intensities.  Think of RPE 1 as sitting down watching tv and RPE 10 is full-speed sprinting up a steep hill.

  • Low intensity (can say at least 10 words without catching your breath) RPE 2-4
  • Medium intensity (8-6 words) RPE 5-7
  • High intensity (you can only say about 4 words before taking another breath) RPE 8-9

On a typical week this is what my fitness intensity looks like from day to day:

  • Monday: High
  • Tuesday: Medium
  • Wednesday: Low
  • Thursday: High
  • Friday: Medium
  • Saturday: Low to High (depends on how I feel)
  • Sunday: Recovery Day

I usually do a low intensity walk or bike ride on Wednesdays, so that I’m ready for high intensity workouts on Thursdays.

Here’s my (pre-shower) morning walk from this past Wednesday below:


It’s nice to take things down a level and actually stop and smell the roses (or whatever else is in bloom right now).


Plan out your workouts from week to week – literally put them in your calendar.  This will keep you motivated and your body will thank you!


5 thoughts on “Change Up Your Fitness: Stop and Smell the Roses!

  1. Yes!! Just today I stopped to look up at the tree tops while walking instead of at my feet… it was a wonderful moment– funny how we often race through our exercise routines! thanks for the reminder to mix it up, and enjoy!

  2. Reblogged this on Vicki Travels and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more.
    When we exercise…make it rewarding by looking around and taking it all in.
    The world is so beautiful.
    So go ahead…Stop and smell the roses.

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