DVD Review: Jane Fonda Fit and Strong

Jane Fonda (age 75) – Fitness guru and more for over 30 years.



Fit & Strong is just one of the DVDs in her newer “Prime Time” series.  There are two workouts (both 20-25 minutes in length) on this particular DVD.

I love the fact that before you even begin this workout, she sets up your body position and form for the work ahead to keep you safe. I actually learned a new cue from her that I hadn’t thought of.  Here it is:

As you are standing tall (with your abs in and chest open), put your hand right in front of your nose.  Now, pull your head back just about an inch – that is wear your head position should be (this is a very small move – don’t exaggerate it).

*This workout is geared towards baby boomers and up, but if need to keep things low impact, or if you are extremely inflexible then this would be a good workout for you too.  She works every muscle group for a balanced workout and has a flexibility component at the end.  It’s great!

The only negative is that she was using too light of weights for some of her exercises (for her strength level).  I wish she would pick up heavier weights for some exercises and lighter for others.  Please note:  You always start lighter in weight than you think you should, then build on your strength from there.  The point of using weights is to fatigue the muscle. When you rest and recover, the muscle rebuilds and that is how you get stronger.


Above is a quick look at some of the exercises on this DVD.  Look at her – Wow!  I want to look like her now and in 35 years!

On Wednesday, Huffington Post had a nice article showing some of Jane Fonda’s best workout tapes.  Check it out here.

Jane Fonda also has a new AM/PM Yoga DVD out for beginners too.  Click here to take you to Amazon.

Special thanks to Anne Caroline Drake: Navigating Uncharted Waters for this DVD to check out and review. It is now in good hands with my fit mother-in-law who will be enjoying it!

To buy this DVD for yourself through Amazon for $8, click here.

*Please see your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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