DVD Review: PRAYFIT with Jimmy Peña

Jimmy Peña’s PRAYFIT 33-Day Body Toning System


I didn’t have any expectations when ordering this DVD, so I was pleasantly surprised when doing this workout.

This circuit training full-body routine is just 33 minutes long, and perfect for the beginner/intermediate.  All you need are a couple sets of hand weights and a mat. Start with light weights, and progress as you are successful.  There are several high intensity cardio exercises thrown in the mix (with low impact options) to keep your heart rate up and burn extra calories. There are 4 weekly devotionals also included to inspire and encourage your life.


Jimmy is educated, uplifting, and fit (everything you want in a trainer), and his team has great energy. He gives correct cues to keep you safe and am confident *most people could do this workout.

The only negatives were that the flexibility component at the end is too short and the background music is instrumental and maybe an afterthought.

Overall, I would say to give it a try! Especially those days you need to just get in a quick routine.  I ordered my copy from Amazon for about $9.

*Always see your physician before starting a new fitness program.


4 thoughts on “DVD Review: PRAYFIT with Jimmy Peña

    • I like how quick and efficient it is and he’s really motivating in a good-hearted way. There’s a modifier too, which is great if any of the moves are too intense.

  1. Very interesting. I don’t usually think about including fitness and spirituality in the same sphere.

    A friend sent me an interesting devotional recently essentially saying “respecting your body is respecting God”. I’ve been trying to keep that in mind although I admit it hasn’t been the most motivating adage for my personal goals.

    But it’s such an interesting combo and I’m sure it works great for lots of people!

    • It was new to me too. I wish I would have thought of it first. 🙂 Merging the physical aspect with any other dimension of wellness is smart. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

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