BOSU Fitness Training: Part 3

After doing the BOSU exercises from Part 1 and Part 2, now is time to take it down to the floor.

1. Opposite Arm/Leg Extension

Lengthen the leg and arm as much as you can, while squeezing your glutes and keeping your abdominals engaged. Hold position for 30 seconds, and increase time from there.


2. Back Extensions

Either do reps by slowly raising and lowering the upper body, or hold for time.


3. Side Plank

Start with your body in the easiest position with your elbow directly under your shoulder.  Keep both shoulders pressed down towards your hips and your chest lifted.  Hold for a set period of time (hold as long as you can with perfect form).  Exercises below progress from easiest to hardest.


4. Bridge

This exercise is great to strengthen all the muscles of your backside.  Either hold position for time or do reps by slowly lowering the hips (to about an inch off the ground), then raise hips back up.


5. Crunches

Doing crunches on the dome takes you through a fuller range of motion (which makes it harder).


Then you can flip the dome over for these 3 exercises in this quick video below.

Things I didn’t mention in the video:

  1. Plank Tilt challenges your obliques too.
  2. Mountain Climbers challenges all the muscles of your core, works dynamic flexibility, and raises your heart rate.
  3. Seated Cross-Legged Core Stability Drill is a great finishing exercise for body/kinesthetic awareness.

A quick shout-out to my 5 year old for being my videographer.  🙂

I hope you learned a few new exercises from this BOSU series to add to your fitness regimen.  Have fun!


10 thoughts on “BOSU Fitness Training: Part 3

  1. I’ve been loving these BOSU training posts. I REALLY, REALLY REALLY want a bosu ball. I even looked back at your posts for exercise for my program design for personal training school!!!

    • Oh wow, I’m honored! It’s a rewarding job – for sure! BOSUs are great – I got mine when a gym ordered a bunch of them, just had them order an extra for me. Have a great weekend!

  2. Look at you showing off your quicks 🙂 Loved the series. You got me all fired up to go workout now! I think I will warm up the legs with a little black side up squats, half squats, mt climbers then progress to some kettlebell swings on the BOSU. Then crush some leg exercises with blue side up.

    Awesome job by your videographer!

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