BOSU Fitness Training: Part 2

After performing the BOSU exercises from Part 1, continue increasing your muscular stability, strength, and power with these four exercises below…


1. Kneeling One-Legged Balance

Stay tall and don’t let your butt push back (first photo below).  Start with your toe down on the ground, then increase difficulty by pointing your toe (on your kneeling leg).

Add a heel touch in front and behind for an added hip stability challenge (second photo above). Move the leg as smooth as you can. Note: if you have bad knees, don’t do this exercise.


2. Lateral One-Legged Step-Outs

You will feel this through your glute on the standing leg (leg that’s on BOSU). Keep most your weight on top of the BOSU as you tap the opposite foot from side to side for 30 seconds. Increase your time from there.


3. Tuck Jumps with Stabilization

Start conservative with your jumps, making them bigger as you feel comfortable. Stick each landing and hold for 3 seconds before you jump again.  For a bigger challenge, you can add quarter turns, 1/2 turns, 3/4 turns, and full turns – but you must stick your 3-second landings!


4. One-Legged Swing Jumps with Stabilization


This is a more intermediate to advanced exercise. Start small with your jumps and you must stick your landing for at least 3 seconds. This exercise is a great ankle strengthener, but don’t overdo. Start with about 3 jumps per leg and build from there.

In the last post on BOSU training (Wednesday), we’ll take the exercises to the floor. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “BOSU Fitness Training: Part 2

  1. I know someone who broke their wrist using a bosu ball. After seeing your photos of how high you can do a tuck jump, I have a better understanding of how that could happen. 🙂 These look like good workouts though. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Yikes, that’s not good! The key is baby steps for sure, and if you need to step off the BOSU – it’s not a big deal. Don’t “fight it”.

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