Don’t Forget Your Backside!


Stability ball bridges are great to strengthen all the core muscles – especially the backside and glutes.
Start with the ball under your knees for more stability. You can always move the ball under your calves or feet to increase difficulty.

Bridge Rules:

  • Pull your abdominals in.
  • Press your shoulders and arms down towards the floor.
  • Squeeze your glutes.
  • Raise your hips up until your body is in a straight line.
  • Hold position 10-15 seconds, gradually increase to 1 minute.

Increase the difficulty by bending your elbows. If you are stable, then slowly straighten your arms.


If you were successful with the exercises above, then progress to one leg bridges.


Try raising the opposite arm up for a mega challenge (then both arms).

Short on Time?

Add chest presses, chest flyes, or tricep extensions to your stability ball bridges to strengthen your upper body at the same time.


Keep your hips as stable as possible.



Today is the first day of spring!


12 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Backside!

  1. You wouldn’t know it’s spring here with there being snow yesterday and the day before!

    You won’t believe how much I weigh! I weighed myself at home and thought the scale wasn’t working but I was at the dietitian’s office yesterday and weighed in at 136 pounds! That’s 14 pounds lost since I attained my weight goal of 150 pounds in December 17, 2013! I will post sometime this week the results plus I’ll try to upload a video of me.

    How was your March break anyways? Did you go anywhere with your family?

  2. WOW! JOY!
    Wonder how soon I will be ready after my back operation….to work with that “BRIDGE N’ CHEST FLY ROUTINE? 🙂 LV your daffy-dillies’ photo…

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