Indoor Agility Drill

Agility is something that everyone needs to train – no matter your age. It builds speed and coordination for any activity you may do. Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, you need to be able to react to slips, catch falling objects, etc.

Do the Ickey Shuffle!

*The out-in-in drill (aka ickey shuffle) is a fun exercise to try, and it gets your heart rate up too. All you need are two parallel lines wide enough for both your feet to be in.  I used tubing, but you could easily use two belts or even painter’s tape. Carpet is not ideal, a hard surface is best.

If you perform steps in order pictured below, then you’ve got it!  The key is to stay light on your feet.



Here’s a video performing the out-in-in drill (if the photo tutorial isn’t clear)…

If you can’t get that exact pattern, don’t stress about it. Whatever pattern you do, stick with it, and then try to speed it up.

Give it a try today!

*Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program.


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