Whoa! How Many Calories Am I Drinking?

St Pattys Day_phixr

With a St. Patrick’s Day weekend upon us, just thought I’d send a friendly reminder of how many empty calories are in some of our favorite 12 oz. beers and festive drinks…

  1. Sierra Nevada Big Foot: 330 calories
  2. Flying Dog Wild Dog Stout: 288 calories
  3. Grand Teton Double Vision Dopplebock: 240 calories
  4. Anchor Porter: 209 calories
  5. Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale: 177 calories
  6. New Belgium Fat Tire: 160 calories
  7. Mac and Jack’s African Amber: 156 calories
  8. Coors:  149 calories
  9. Guiness: 125 calories
  10. Bud Light: 110 calories

Sources: Beer100.com and RateBeer.com

Guiness looks like your best choice, considering calories and taste. 🙂

If you are planning on “just” drinking mojitos instead, they can carry up to 300 calories per drink.  It depends on how much sugar and alcohol are in the recipe.

To lighten it up: Do a lime or orange flavored vodka in a tall glass with club soda and top with mint – still festive,  and only around 90 calories per drink!


Be safe and have a mostly healthy weekend!


6 thoughts on “Whoa! How Many Calories Am I Drinking?

    • I decided not to with my recovery, I still can’t run a full 30 min. I LOVE that race though – any race where people dress and act crazy is my kind of event – have fun for me too!

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