Back in Action!

I’ve been given the OK by my doctor after my surgery and am FINALLY feeling myself again!


I’ve just been coaching my group fitness classes the past couple weeks, (the members have been so supportive), but it’s time to build up my physical stamina again. The key is to NOT overdo it.  I can always build off my workouts as I get stronger.

After surgery I did NOTHING for 6 weeks.  I’ve just been taking baby steps with my fitness since then.  First day, I walked down 4 houses and back.  The next day I added a couple more houses – until I was going around a small block, and so forth.  I’m now at a point where I am walking 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week and started adding mini jog intervals to it.

Here’s a walk/jog interval workout I have planned for tomorrow.


Did you notice the acronym RPE?

RPE is just a 1-10 rate of perceived exersion scale of how you feel at certain intensities.  Think of RPE 1 as sitting down watching tv and RPE 10 is full-speed sprinting up a steep hill.

  • Low intensity (can say at least 10 words without catching your breath) RPE 1-3
  • Medium intensity (8-6 words) RPE 5-7
  • High intensity (you can only say about 4 words before taking another breath) RPE 8-9

Start your own fitness journey today!


10 thoughts on “Back in Action!

  1. Glad to hear my favorite fitness and healthy living blogger is back in the game! Your climb back to the top of the fitness mountain should lead way to some great posts. Can’t wait for them!

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