Go Outdoors As It Gets Warmer!


Yesterday hit 60 degrees in Seattle.  I was surprised to see these guys wakeboarding, but I love it!  Go outside and enjoy the day!!


11 thoughts on “Go Outdoors As It Gets Warmer!

  1. Hi! It has been a while. I haven’t missed your message about posted my “after” picture. I have recently moved and haven’t been to the dietician’s. I will be seeing her in March 19 and will hopefully have time to weigh myself in.

    Anyway, about exercising outdoors…it’s not a problem for me. With the windshield factor here in Toronto, there have been days the temperature was at least -12C. I bundle up nicely. The under clothes, tank top, turtleneck sweather, and two knitted sweaters that my mother made for me before she was diagnosed with dementia.

    I did research on the Internet and in Mountain Equipment Coop (do you have this store in the States?) there are blankets with insulation (aluminum and some other types of material) and this “outfit” that is orange in colour and is very insulating. I got the idea from reading Karen Marie Moning’s current novel “Iced”.

    • I had to look up how cold -12C is (14 degrees f), holy smokes! Seattle rarely gets that cold. Good for you! It’s great to hear from you, btw.

  2. Exercise outdoors is the best. It’s very liberating to be out in nature and woking our bodies the way God intended…before cars and malls and escalators and the like.

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