Crazy for Cranberry and Sign Up for a Virtual 5K!


Cranberry juice isn’t usually a “go to” juice, but it should be!

Cranberries help prevent:

  • cancers, such as breast, lung, colon and prostate.
  • urinary tract infections.
  • damage caused by free raticals (they are rich in antioxidants).
  • tooth decay.
  • inflammation in the stomach.

Always buy 100% Cranberry juice (no juice cocktails!), you can always mix it with another 100% juice if you can’t drink it plain.  It is tart, but I actually like it over ice with a little zest of orange.  Open Nature is cheaper than some of the other brands out there.


Adding cranberries to recipes is another great way to get in this cancer-fighting fruit.

Consult with your phyisician to see if cranberries are right for you.  Some research shows that it may increase kidney stones.

Ever done a virtual 5K?

Whitney over at Racing the States… just did a blog post about a virtual 5K for a cause, Running for Angels 5k.  Please click on her blog to find out more information.

Looks like I will be doing my first virtual 5K in April!  Why don’t you join me?

Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Crazy for Cranberry and Sign Up for a Virtual 5K!

    • Hi Kate, love that snowy pic of u two! Cranberry juice is too healthy not to keep in my juice line up. I’m going to try and be better about it. For the record, I only use 2 ounce glasses for juice. 🙂

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