Fitness Tights for Men and Women: How Do You Wear Them?

source Nike Pro Combat Hypercool Compression 1.2 Men’s Tights $50.00

source Nike Tech Men’s Running Capris $55.00

source Nike Engineered Print Women’s Running Tights $130.00

source  Nike Legend Dip Tie Dye Women’s Capris $65.00

source Adidas Men’s Techfit Climawarm Techfit Climawarm Tights Tights $55

source Adidas Men’s Techfit Climawarm Techfit Climawarm Tights Tights $44

source Adidas Women’s Fit Three-Quarter Tights $43

source Adidas Women’s Trefoil Legging $35

source REI Men’s Powerflyte tights $64.50

source REI Women’s Sariska Capri tights $42.50

I always stick to the basic black myself, but I may have to try out the new prints that these brands are coming up with!

11 thoughts on “Fitness Tights for Men and Women: How Do You Wear Them?

  1. My wife just bought me a pair of Under Armor Cold Gear ones. I am a bit self-conscious wearing them (it doesn’t leave much for imagination) so, I don’t wear them too often. For instance, I like to go on a run during my lunch hour at work. The dressing rooms are in the middle of the office building. I don’t dare wear my tights walking through my building. I wear them when I am running at home. I haven’t used them for a race because I so far I have been able to run in shorts.

  2. I can just imagine trying to fit my body into a pair of those. However, I love bicycle riding and I have often thought of getting something to protect my nether regions!
    Thank for following my blog. I do enjoy writing and reading and this is a pleasant break from my usual love story.

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  4. I started using running pants (tights) for men during a recent cold snap in west-central Texas–I was a bit conscious at first, but since I run very early in the morning (when it’s still a bit dark) I mustered the courage to run without shorts on top. I right away noticed improvement; I ran faster and I was appropriately protected from the cold–I fell in love with the tight fitting pants and I don’t wear anything else–I go commando (I have not found any form of underwear that is comfortable under the tights–not even a jock-strap) given that the tightness of the fabric keeps everything in place. And for those who worry about the junk being to out there, I have found that as soon as I start running, everything tends to shrink and aside from a gentle mound, there is not much to worry about (that is, unless you pull the tights so far high that the crotch is literally up your crack, and you end up with a male camel-toe). Additionally, wearing your shirt un-tucked usually covers enough to do away with any unsightly views.

  5. i like wear tights every day!! its very confortable!!! i practics pilates and i wear tights in the class. its very practic and i feel free!

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