Hiking is Walking

That’s right – hiking is just walking on uneven terrain.  Anyone can do it!

Lake Wenatchee

Be safe:

  1. Hike with a partner.
  2. Bring water.
  3. Bring a snack.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing/sturdy shoes.
  5. Turn around before you actually want to (injuries happen when you are tired).

Find hiking trails in your area:

Plan your hike and enjoy the great outdoors!


3 thoughts on “Hiking is Walking

  1. Joy, love this and very true! I love hiking. The last place I went were trails in North Carolina! Thank you for the gentle reminder. And you are correct accidents happen when you are tired. Many times you don’t want to turn around and come back another day, and then an injury may occur 🙂

    • People don’t understand that going down is actually harder on your body. You step down and all your weight is already on that foot. I love getting out there though, so fun!

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