Start a Pilates Program at Home

Pilates is a great format for home exercisers because you don’t need a ton of space. It focuses on postural/core muscles which is a great balance to any cardio routine that you may already be doing.


A thicker mat is the only piece of equipment you need to start with.
Buy at Amazon for $21. I own a similar one and I would not do the “rolling like a ball” or “teaser” exercises without it. See teaser post here.

There is a 60-minute series on the Veria Channel (Pilates from the Inside Out) worth checking out with instructor, Karon Karter. I’ve done these workouts many times just to change up my routine.


Note: Stay tuned for Friday’s post for more workouts you can find on TV.

These items below add variety to your workouts to keep things fresh.

A pilates circle (and dvd) is a great tool to increase resistance and/or stability to a variety of exercises.
Buy at Amazon for $36.


A resistance band is another tool to add resistance and/or stability to your routine.
Buy at Amazon for $15. I don’t own this particular DVD, but Suzanne Bowen is a great instructor.


Add a mini stability ball for even more variety and to take your core strength to another level.
Buy at Amazon for $14 plus shipping.

For more of an investment, add equipment below.


The reformer is a fun piece of equipment, and the exercises are completely different than your floor work. Only buy one if you are consistent with the other items listed above though (make sure you’ll use it).
Buy pictured model at Amazon for ~$500. I found mine on craigslist for $75. 🙂


The Arc adds range of motion to your exercises to increase the challenge.
Buy at Amazon for ~$70.


The Stability Chair adds even more variety. Take a few sessions with an instructor first before making the investment.
Buy at Amazon for $1245.

Note: If you are brand new to pilates and/or if strength training is rather new to you, you may want to hire a certified pilates instructor to set you up on home exercise program. When searching for an instructor, tell them up front that this is the service you want. If you are going to take the time to set up a home space, you’ll benefit from seeking professional guidance.


6 thoughts on “Start a Pilates Program at Home

  1. Joy, I love this. Excellent idea for everyone.

    I use some of these things and I have a treadmill in my living room that I am on nightly first and then yoga 🙂 The ball,, mat, a video, and weights are my late night life !! I have a small place and it does work well!

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