Healthy Living: How to Deal with the Flu


Raise your hand if you’ve had the flu already? Yep, our family did too!

Did you know that you can get it again this season?! It is possible you could get a different strain of influenza in the same season (I was lucky enough to have this happen to me a few years ago).

Haven’t had it yet?

· Get vaccinated.
(see WebMD Flu Myth: The flu vaccine can give you the flu.)

· Wash your hands often.
· Stock up on soup, soda crackers, popsicles, drinks, movies etc.
· Keep your bathrooms clean!

Have it now?

· Get plenty of rest.
· Drink plenty of fluids.
· Stay home!

Need to go to the grocery store?


Consider a home delivery service. We did that through and it was free delivery for newbies. I rated their service and got a promo for another free delivery plus 8 bananas.

Have you ever tried a grocery home delivery service in your area?


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