History of Athletic Wear in Photos

I’ve been reading Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, which has been a great read!  It got me thinking about athletic wear through history.

Here’s a collection of photos I came across…

Women’s PE Uniforms 1905

Men’s Football Team 1906

Senior Drill Class 1915. What are these women doing?! 🙂


Men’s Basketball (When are short shorts coming back in style for the guys?)

I love this picture – too funny! The guy has leg warmers on, and I see some girls with feathered hair – early 80’s?

Is this chick for real?! 80’s for sure, and then the 90’s updated to the thong leotards (which I can proudly say I never wore)!

1990-2000 Ice, ice, baby! Can you see where it has morphed into the clothing of today?


2013 Nike Photo

We have come a long way! I can’t wait to see what the future of fitness wear will bring.


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