Healthy Chefs on Twitter

I follow some of my favorite chefs on Twitter (and Facebook). Some post great healthy recipes and new ideas that are really creative and yummy!

I’ve made Giada’s national spaghetti day recipe twice for lunch already! Here’s her tweet below(@GDeLaurentiis)…

“Happy #NationalSpaghettiDay!! 1lb spg , 2/3cEVOO, 2/3cParm, 1/2c lemon juice, 1Tzest, s&p, 1/3 c basil. Whisk ingredients & toss w/ cooked pasta! xo”

I say, just wait on parm – finish the dish with a sprinkle on top. I love the lemon flavor that really comes through with the basil.

Another chef you should follow for healthy recipes is Rocco DiSpirito(@roccodispirito), here’s one of his tweets…

“Going gluten free? In your next recipe substitute a cup of flour for a cup of fine cornmeal to save 210 calories!”


Rick Bayless is another chef that cooks on the healthy side(@Rick_Bayless), he tweets…

“Making fouga: cook garlic&ginger w red shallot;add tom,curry lvs,spices;add shred fish/parsley/dill;cook w rice, broth.”

See what your missing?! 🙂 Start following your favorite chefs today.


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