Wednesday’s Core Quickie



V Sit with Dumbell Rotation

  1. Sit with heels pressing into the ground.
  2. Abdominals pulled in and chest open.
  3. Hold a light to medium dumbbell in your hand.
  4. Open out to side rotating from your waist.
  5. Stay on one side for 8-15 reps, then transfer dumbbell to your opposite hand and repeat.
  6. As you twist, don’t let your knees wobble side to side.  Keep your lower body as stable as possible.
  7. Repeat on each side for 3-5 sets to fatigue.
  8. Once you lose your form, you are done!

This exercise challenges all the muscles of your core.   Try it!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Core Quickie

    • You’ll feel it! You can make it harder by bringing your feet up off the ground or leaning back farther. Keep your back straight though. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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