I’m reblogging this because I’ve Got A Story says it better than I ever could.

I've Got A Story

How do we process the heart wrenching tragedy we were subjected to today in our nation?  Please tell me how we go about business as usual when 20 of our babies were taken from us as they innocently sat at their desks or in their learning centers bright-eyed and harmless?

My colleagues and I walk through the halls of similar schools.  These are our children.  They may have different parents, but we claim them as our own when they are on our turf….in our classrooms….on our playgrounds.

Our children deserve their innocence.  They lack the knowledge of evil and are free from worldliness.

Educators marvel at their students’ inquisitiveness.  We love their childish humor and optimistic spirits.

Hence our broken hearts.

As educators we want our children to feel successful as learners, but more importantly we create spaces where they will feel loved, respected, and protected.

Pray for our little ones who survived this horrific…

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