Jumping Jacks 10 Ways

Jumping jacks are great for cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and strengthen your heart.

*Below are 10 different ways to perform this exercise:

1. Half jacks (great for beginners).


2. Full (regular) jacks


3.  Jacks with arm presses straight up


4.  Triangle jacks


5. Jacks with arm circles


6.  T jacks


7. Diagonal jacks


8. Scissor jacks


9. Power jacks (land softly)


10. Plank jacks (great for core strength):  Pretend you have a glass of water on your tailbone, keep your hips as stable as possible without over “bouncing”. Take legs apart and hold for 2 seconds, bring legs in and hold 2 seconds, and repeat.  Don’t let your hips raise up and keep your shoulders depressed from ears.

Challenge:  Do 1 minute of each exercise with a jog-in-place for a minute in between each exercise for a 20-minute heart-pumping cardio session.

If you think of more, add them in!  Jack and kicks?  Jack and tuck jumps?  Have fun with it!

How many ways can you do jacks? 

*Please see your physician before starting any new exercise program.

15 thoughts on “Jumping Jacks 10 Ways

  1. I was wondering how many calories I can burn doing them? For 5 minutes? Has anyone done them for 15 + minutes?

    For sure if my room is cold, jumping jacks is a sure and quick way to warm up the body (and I’m not going to mention the other thing that does…not something I’m willing to try).

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