Make it a Great Monday!

Start this week off on the right foot (or left).  Move!


Get out and enjoy all the fall colors before it’s too late.


You know that raking leaves is a great way to burn some extra calories too (approximately 300 kcal an hour).  Even if you don’t have a yard, maybe an elderly person you know does?  Give back!

Speaking of giving back, our prayers go out to all you east-coasters.  American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Website

Tomorrow’s agenda:  workout and vote (in any order)!

8 thoughts on “Make it a Great Monday!

  1. That is beautiful. It pays to have an excellent camera, doesn’t it? Red and Yellow/Gold colours are always, to me, the best colours to look at. Reminds me of festivities. 😀

  2. It’s a really good Monday. It’s one of those days where I’m taking myself to do exercise to release stress. I woke up this morning with a sweaty spine (not as sweaty as before – where the sweat stained the bedding.). Then there is tonight’s show…you know which one. It’s been an excellent six weeks watching it. Anyway, my Monday today is going excellent.

      • He was having a lot of fun during week 5…samba with …OMG…why I can’t recall her name! The olympian! LOL. I hear Mark is going to help her this week. Looks like he’ll dance with her this week. Sorry..I couldn’t find you in Twitter for DWTS to respond…so I’m talking about it here. And so off topic it is for a WP site!

  3. Monday? It’s Tuesday already! Thai and I really love Autumn. When she first came to Canada she was amazed by the colors and by the leaves “dancing” across the park with the gusty wind. We still make trips to “color watch” every year.

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