Workout Review: 5 Day Fit Chi

Try Gaiam’s 5 Day Fit Chi for a different mind-body workout that will relieve stress and anxiety and give you energy.

There are 5 different 30ish-minute workouts consisting of T’ai Chi and Qigong (“chee gung”).

  1. AM T’ai Chi with David-Dorian Ross
  2. PM T’ai Chi with CJ McPhee
  3. Qigong Stress Relief with Francesco & Daisy Lee-Garripoli
  4. Qigong Detox with Francesco & Daisy Lee-Garripoli
  5. Energy Chi with David-Dorian Ross

My personal favorite is number 4. It is suppose to flush toxins and strengthen your organs.  I’m not sure my organs are cleansed afterwards, but I always feel great after the practice!

I teach alot of higher intesity classes at various gyms through the week, (cycling, bootcamp, strength circuits, etc.) and it’s nice to practice something completely different (cross-training).

Train your body and heart at all intensity levels.  Don’t go to level 10 everytime you workout, it will just run you down and your body will plateau.  Balance is so important.

I bought my copy off of Amazon for about $8 here.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Workout Review: 5 Day Fit Chi

  1. Something happened to my brain…I forgot that you were still doing exercise classes. I think you and fellow blogger CultFit have the crossfit in common.

    It’s nice to be able to push your body to do intense workouts and not worry about injuring the lower back which has been in on and off with injuries. I’m staying positive knowing that in 5 months my back will be strong like it never ever was.

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