SlimKicker Review: Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker

Do you know how many calories you consume each day or how many you burn (your energy balance)?

I felt like I just needed a little extra motivation this week, so I tried SlimKicker calorie counter and fitness tracker. Click on name to take you to their site.

Record your foods and activity for the day…

Set healthy goals and reward yourself for completing those goals…

Find new challenges to keep things fresh and fun…

It’s a great way to stay motivated and to keep yourself accountable for your healthy lifestyle. 

This is what it’ll look like on your iPhone:

I joined the late-night eating challenge (no snacks in the evening), and I got an email at the end of the challenge that explained the benefits of not eating late.  I actually didn’t know about these particular hormone processes your body goes through as you sleep – I learned something new!  🙂

I attached a little bit of that email below, so you can get the idea:

Congratulations on completing the challenge!

You’ve just completed your late-night eating challenge and have forgone any snacks in the evening.  Hopefully you managed to get through this challenge without a problem and noticed the positive effects it had on your sleep quality and how you looked the next morning.But, there’s more to not snacking late in the evening than just preventing weight gain.  Eating food during the evening hours can be very detrimental to your success for a number of reasons.One primary reason that we’re going to discuss here today is the fact that eating at night can put a halt to the natural growth hormone release that takes place in the body.One thing that many people often overlook as they go about the body transformation process is the fact that there are many hormones that get involved in the success that you see.

I also tried to put SlimKicker to the test, pretending to be a person who only eats all fast foods one day with no real exercise. Then the opposite, with a super low fat and low calorie day with high intensity exercise. The virtual coach gave good suggestions for alternatives to get you on a healthy path.

Like all food journals I’ve done, it’s time consuming at first, but do feel it’s necessary to know your energy balance. Even if you just did it the first week of every month.

SlimKicker has groups you can join, forums to read, you can create recipes and routines, and receive plenty of tips from a virtual coach to keep you on your journey.  I think it’s worth checking out and the best part is, it’s free and you may actually learn something new!


4 thoughts on “SlimKicker Review: Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker

  1. I’m still using the one you recommended to me at the time: MyFitnessPal. I got used to consuming 1200 kcal/day, sometimes a max of 1400. The thing with dieting is to have a balanced meal – not too much fat in the diet like I was having pre-April 2012.

      • Thank you! 1200 kcal a day is all I can take in. Anymore would be overstuffing myself.

        The dietitian would like to see me eat more and sometimes I want to but my budget is $30/week for food. I need to spend at least $40/week to “not be starving”.

  2. Hm! I may have to check this site out. That’s pretty interesting about the hormone release while you sleep. I’m really good about not snacking after dinner, as long as my boyfriend is around. He wouldn’t care/mind, but it’s just that he would notice. When he’s gone, though, boy do I struggle.

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