It’s That Time of Year

We are entering the flu and sickies season. 


Get your flu shot this week (and don’t tell me the shot gives you the flu – It’s simply not true).



This is the appropriate time of year to remind you to take it easier when you are feeling a bit under the weather.  Rest and drink fluids for a speedy recovery.

General rule: If symptoms are below the neck (flu, bronchitis, etc.) stay home and rest. Strenuous exercise can actually be harmful to your organs if you have a fever. If symptoms are neck or above (common cold, sore throat, etc.) your probably alright to continue your exercise program.

Try restorative yoga or meditation for a change of pace.

Once you are on the mend, ease back into your cardiovascular routine. Go for a walk or lower intensity bike ride, assessing how you feel and build from there.

When strength training, use lighter weights and do more repetitions building muscle endurance. Once you recover from your illness, then you can increase your weight and decrease your reps to focus on muscle strength or power.


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