I’m Seeing Red!

Head out for a nice brisk autumn walk or hike today. Don’t wait, because the rain is coming…

Check out these gorgeous trees!


I’ve also been meaning to tell you all about the new Freestyle Original Step.  You can buy it through The Step website here. Now you can ramp your step or incline it for different exercises.

It is a major upgrade.  No more trying to balance the step on the risers to do incline chest presses or supine reverse curls, it locks into place!  You can stand on the ramp to perform deadlifts and balance exercises.  Just doing these little tweaks, challenges your body in new ways. Great addition to any home gym.  I’m loving it!


5 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Red!

  1. A step is a great inexpensive way to create a home gym. A lot of people overlook the benefit of changing angles in their normal moves from bench pressing, curls to shoulder and back flys. And don’t forget the change of elevation it gives for the leg movements. One more added thing to back your step use, if you don’t have weights, you don’t need them. Use it to do incline or decline pushups…problem solved!

    I don’t just play a step user on blog comment sections, I play one at home too! 🙂

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