Wednesday’s Wicked Workout!

Monday was a great mood-boosting workout, see it here. Today let’s increase our heart and lung functioning.  Your cells need oxygen in order to release glucose and fats for energy (in other words, burn calories).

*Now, let’s head outside!

1.   You will still want to warm up at a slower pace for about ten minutes.

2.   Pick up the pace for 10 minutes and head back to the park or school.

3.   Go run the bases – sprinting to home base. Come on, no one is looking (or cares)!


4.  Go back to the hopscotch area from Monday, standing at the beginning with both feet.   See how far can you jump and stick your landing 3-6 times.  Still try to land soft.

5. Now try the monkey bars – just one round is fine.


6.  Is there a hill close by? Sprint 16 paces, then back off 8 paces (repeating) up the hill.  If there are no hills, still do your sprint intervals down the sidewalk.

7.  Find a set of stairs. Walk the first round up, jog the second round, sprint the next round.  Depending on how many stairs there are, try to do 3-8 rounds of sprints.   When going down the stairs, all your weight lands on that first step, so never run back down.

No stairs?  What about a curb?  See how fast you can run up and down the curb (right foot up, left foot up, right foot down, left foot down) for 20 seconds, 40 seconds, and 60 seconds. Repeat sequence leading with the left foot. Stay light on your feet!

Nice Job!

8.  Now, head back home at a slower paces for 10-15 minutes, getting your heart rate back down below 100 beats per minute.  If your not sure, make sure you could say a long sentence (about 15-20 words) without catching your breath.

9.  Do some standing abdominal exercises.

10.  Take the time to stretch and relax.  You are finished!

*Please see your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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