Monday’s Mood-Boosting Workout

Monday sucks, but don’t think about that right now!
Start your week off right with an *outdoor workout.  Getting outside and doing something just for you will improve your mood and your heart health.
Get off the computer, go get dressed in some appropriate athletic wear to allow freedom of movement. Get a water bottle and hit the pavement! Start at a slower pace, walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding or whatever floats your boat for 5-10 minutes…


Now start picking up the pace, but make sure to can say between 10-6 words without catching your breath. The less you can say, the more intense the workout will be. Since we want to do a mood-boosting/heart healthy workout, keep your intensity a little lower today.

Now head to a school or a place that had an open parking lot with painted lines (a tree branch will work as well).


Perform some agility drills, stay light on your feet. One leg hops, double leg hops, or alternating legs – keeping your feet just inches from the ground and go for speed (10-20 seconds).


Don’t stress or overthink it, there’s no wrong way to do it!

Head back home, do a few stretches…


…holding each stretch for about 30 seconds.

Now how do you feel?  You should feel amazing!

Take your shower, dress for success, eat a healthy breakfast (if you didn’t earlier), and be productive today – it is going to be great!

*Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Stay tuned: Wednesday, I’ll show you how to take this workout to the next level.


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