Garden To Do: Swap Out and Think Spring!

It’s officially fall and there are a few things you should do in your garden.

Swap out summer annuals with some fall plants – especially in your pots. Mums, cabbage, and kale are good choices for colder temperatures.


Indoor Tropicals?

Don’t forget to check on your indoor plants.  Are they outgrowing their smaller pots?

Also check to see if you can split any plants too.  I split some outdoor ornamental grasses, and an indoor plant.


I realize I need a smaller pot for above plant, but I had this one on hand.  Never hurts to see what happens!

Think Spring!

It’s also time to plant your springtime flower bulbs. image

Find early bloomers like crocus, alliums, botanical tulips, snowdrops, and hyacinth. Go to a local nursery or buy online to find unusual colors and varieties. Come February and March, you’ll be happy you did!image

Save Your Back!

Whenever you are gardening, be careful with your back. Change positions often and the goal is to keep your spine in a neutral position. Use a pad to kneel on, and pick up heavy pots and bags of soil by bending your knees. Never twist to side while holding heavy items.

Stay safe and happy planting!


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