Little Boxes on the Hillside…

It’s so fun to find new neighborhoods to walk through, get ideas for your home, and burn calories!  I did have to use the My Tracks app so I wouldn’t get lost though, and my husband will be so thrilled about all the new ideas I have for our home.  🙂




Walk at a pace where you break a little sweat though!  Shoot for an intensity where you can say between 8 and 4 words without catching your breath (moderate to hard intensity).  Remember to stretch at the end of your walk.

Check out this house below that we saw when we were down at the Oregon Coast.


I fell in love and just had to share!


6 thoughts on “Little Boxes on the Hillside…

  1. WOW…those houses are awesome and I am a sucker for pretty green lawns. I forgot to post back about trying the inverted back rows. I tried and failed…hehe. In my defense I did it after my chest workout. I was only able to do 12 with an over hand grip and another 11 with an underhand grip (I couldn’t remember which way). I will add these to my shoulder and or back workouts.

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