How do You Hydrate?


Are you tired? Don’t go for the caffeine, try drinking a glass of water.

Fatigue is a sign of dehydration, so make an effort to drink more water today.
Divide your bodyweight by 2 to figure out the estimate of how many ounces you should drink daily.

How do You Hydrate?

12 thoughts on “How do You Hydrate?

  1. That’s the challenge for me. These past three or so weeks I have not been drinking even 1 litre of water (2×500 ml water bottles). I can’t explain it in any other way than to just say I haven’t had the “appetite” to drink much water. Even part of my diet is changing. I used to have sweet potatoes often, now I don’t want to. I prefer chili.

    Thank God for Blue Menu…guilt-free dieting with it because of no fat and hardly any cholesterol in the nutrient list.

  2. Maniac here again…I drink at least 2-3 liters of water – properly ph balanced – filtered water or spring water ( no bottled water for this old kid ) and after workouts there’s nothing quite like fresh coconut water straight from the coconut…I’ll drink two of those after a long run or a 2 hour Muay Thai class. The body “wakes up” within minutes.
    So many people let themselves get dehydrated and can’t figure out the cause of so many health issues. Great post! Great reminder.

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