I Drink my Bacteria, How about You?

Probiotics are live microorganisms (good bacteria) that help promote a healthy digestive system.  Your system has hundreds of different types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. You may benefit from the inside out by taking foods and supplements with these friendly bacteria.

You can find probiotics in foods such as yogurt, bananas, and whole grains, but here’s a couple of my favorites below.

Kombucha – there are so many flavors, but Gingerade is my favorite. A carbonated cocktail/mocktail with a hint of ginger.

Kefir –  also many different flavors, but you can just buy the plain and mix your own fruit or honey in with it.  This basically tastes like drinkable yogurt.

I use my handy Magic Bullet and blend berries first before adding to my kefir.  As you can see, I seriously have this blender and love it!


Consult with your physician to see if probiotics are for a healthy choice for you.


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