Hit the Gym!

Monday morning workout at the gym?
Start with a treadmill warmup for 10 minutes,
move to the rower for 10 minutes,
and finish cardiovascular exercise
with the stepmill for 10 minutes.
Do a 3-round circuit
of push-ups, back rows,
bicep curls, tricep pressdowns,
side lateral raises
and finish off with the core challenge.
Done in 45-60 minutes with a total body workout!
Woo hoo!!
Hit the Gym!

Under Armour capri pants

Under armour

Brooks shoes

Puma watch

5 thoughts on “Hit the Gym!

  1. Love bringing a crazy luxurious bag to the gym – key to happiness is to remember a big ol’ ziploc for the sweaty workout clothes afterwards!
    That pink is zippy!


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