A Vacation Circuit Workout

Don’t slack on workouts just because you are on vacation.

Bring a resistance tube with you (it’s light and easy to pack) and do a circuit training workout.  Circuit training is just going from one exercise to another with no breaks in between.  These strengthening exercises below are great to get a quick total body workout in before heading to the beach!

Make sure to check resistance band for tears before every workout by running your hand down the tube (I’ve learned this the hard way).

1. Squat with Torso Rotation to a Lat Pull

2. Balance Stomp Down with Bicep Curl

3. Lunge with Tricep Pressdown

4. Side Lunge with Side Lateral Raise

5. Crunch Kick-out

Remember to keep your abdominals pulled in, chest lifted, shoulders pressed down away from your ears with all exercises.  Focus on spine and core stability.  Have tension on the tube at all times and increase the difficulty by working with a shorter tube (wrapping it around your hand).

*See your physician before starting any new exercise program.


9 thoughts on “A Vacation Circuit Workout

  1. great workout, good thing to take on hols too! usually i just pack a skipping rope, but will get hold of a redidtence band too 🙂 have a great weekend!

  2. We do circuit trainings… where there are different stations and we have to do some sort of exercises. Then after 3 stations we have to run a loop. The ropes are hard to stretch and do something with. I like the balls better. 😀

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