Seattle Torchlight Run 2012

This is one of my favorite fun runs!

If you are new to running, do this 5K or 8K next year.  You’ll see below, I spent more time sightseeing and people watching than actually running.  I just considered it interval training.

Runners dress in crazy pirate costumes and clever outfits for a night of silliness.  I’m so glad I got to do it yesterday with my fabulous friends, Lisa and Dabney.  Another little treat was meeting a local blogger, RunningHaiku.  Please check out her blog, it will brighten your day!

The runners are the kickoff for the Torchlight Parade, so you will have tons of people cheering you on and giving out free high fives.  This view isn’t too bad either!

My favorite runners were the guy with the blow up doll, and the four guys with the suit jackets and ties.  Too funny!


13 thoughts on “Seattle Torchlight Run 2012

  1. It was great seeing you too! Haiku on the race coming soon. Did you see the unicorn costume? I couldn’t tell if it was getting looks because it seemed too hot to run in on top or too bare to run in on the bottom. Hated the Broad St hill in that heat but loved the race. Hope we get to see each other at another one!

  2. Summer is especially a great time for outdoor fitness. What will you be doing come winter…I can’t wait.

    Are those friends (the two with you in the pic) are they Slavic as well? They look like they can be from Czech, Uk, or Poland.

      • There are mixed stories about that. One article says that it may be his last season. Well…you are a fan as you’ve told me once, you can always rally on Twitter and to get him to stay.

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