In the Garden

If you have to do your own weeding, make your life easier with great tools                                         and have a plan to keep your body healthy.
Gardening can be hard on you, staying flexed through the spine                                                               can be torture on your back.  Take it easy, and weed one small section at a time.
Take breaks every 10 minutes or so, stand up, and put your spine in extension.                              Take your hands behind you, look up, and lift your chest.  Then slowly rotating                               side to side through your torso.
You can also change things up by doing another chore that involves                                            standing for a period of time.
Always wear a longer shirt or tank to cover any low-rise jean mishaps!
In the Garden

Copper Hand Fork

Copper Hand Trowel

Copper Long-Handle Spade



Knee pads
We are just getting into our summer season (August), so the sun hasn’t                                          burned out the gardens here.  Here’s some pics I took this past week of my                                    lovely flowers.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

9 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Gorgeous flowers! Thanks for the reminder about changing positions and stretching when you are gardening. As someone who has had a year of rehab because of a pinched nerver and frozen shoulder, I can concur that it is so important!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! I am afraid to show mine after a month of no rain… I water occasionally, but don’t dare too often! Good reminder to stand every so often, yes!

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