Stay Cool with an Indoor Workout

My prayers go out to all of you dealing with wildfires and power outages.

On a lighter note, here’s another indoor workout for you! This workout focuses on back, biceps, legs, and abs.

*Warm up first.

Start with lighter weights, but  go to fatigue  (around 20 reps for toning/endurance and around 8 reps for strength).  Do your repetitions slow and controlled.  Go from one exercise to another without breaks (circuit format) and repeat these 5 exercises for 2-5 sets.

Add in some flexibility at the end.

1.  Back Rows


2.  Lunge and Bicep Curl (compound exercise):  Don’t let your front knee go over your toe and keep your weight balanced on both legs evenly.


3. High Rows (upper back)


4.  Frog Squat into a Side Bicep Curl with Oblique Twist:   First picture is the start of the exercise, second is the end motion from the side.  Keep your chest lifted as you twist to the side for your bicep curl.


5.  Crunch into Corkscrew:  First crunch with your crossed legs up in the air.  Lower your head and down and press into the floor as you trace the shape of a circle with your feet.  You need to focus on keeping your spine as still and stable as possible as you perform your leg circles.  Start with small circles, make them bigger for more difficulty.  Alternate a crunch and a “corkscrew”.

If this exercise is too challenging, have your knees bent with your feet flat on the floor.   Start with just your crunches.  Add in one leg corkscrew when your strength and flexibility improve.

*Check with your physician before starting any new exercise program.


4 thoughts on “Stay Cool with an Indoor Workout

  1. Great program and an even better message! Yesterday driving home from work I saw no fewer than a dozen peeps out running and biking (both cool and good to do) at 5pm…97 degrees…Hottest part of the day. One bad run on a extremely hot day is disaster waiting to happen.
    Anyways, I wish you and your family a happy and safe forth of July tomorrow!

  2. i def should be doing that!! it gets harder with 2 kids but the other day I did some with my daughter and the next day I see her stretching her legs and Im like what are you doing?! shes like:” excershisin mami” shes 4yrs old lol

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