Sweeten Up Your 4th!

Don’t we all just love the 4th of July!?  We tend to slack off on our diets during social gatherings.  Here’s some sweet things that won’t kill your diet and hard work too terribly!

Make the drinks fun and festive and have plenty of options.   Fill pitchers with water and citrus fruits to encourage hydration.

Here’s an idea that I’ve tweaked from Family Fun: 4th of July Recipes.  Cran-raspberry juice (100% juice), “Cool Blue” Gatorade (diluted with water), and a splash of club soda on top.

Want a little vodka in this?  So do I!  Combine vodka with the juice and Gatorade separately before layering.

Below is frozen cherry juice, club soda, and blueberries.  Add in vanilla vodka and you have my favorite foo foo drink.  Use a bigger ice mold for a fun twist.

Remember, moderation is key!

Another idea is to treat yourself with some unique fruits.  If you can get Rainier cherries, they are simply the best!  Don’t wait to try these, they will be gone in a couple weeks.

Freeze bite size pieces of fruit with greek yogurt for a sweet dessert that’s as good as ice cream.

I don’t know if I would say Jello is healthy, but it screams fun.  Cut jigglers out with a festive star cookie cutter.

Happy party planning!


14 thoughts on “Sweeten Up Your 4th!

  1. Oh now! This would be my once a week (and only one serving) of sweets – as the dietitian suggested for max weight loss. Looks like you substituted 7Up for alcohol, nice! I do like hard liquor – i.e. sweet ones with either fruity or nutty taste.

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