Wake Up with Fitness

Make your health a priority!

If your life is busy,  try doing your workouts first thing in the morning.    This way,  you don’t have to worry about something coming up that will interfere with your fitness time .

Lay out your workout clothes the night before and when your alarm goes off, GET UP!  You will never regret it.

Here’s three of my past workouts you can check out if you need fitness ideas for the morning:

Climb Stairs

A Trail Workout

Standing Abdominal Training

It’s not easy to do, but make time for yourself  (even if that means scheduling it in later in the day). Make it happen!


10 thoughts on “Wake Up with Fitness

  1. Excellent idea – some people (me) have a hard time getting a start to the day. Some physical activity would help. I’m thinking…for me jogging on the spot. That’s how much of a kick start I need.

  2. I’ve been contemplating this lately. I’ve tried it a few times in the past, but I am EXTREMELY morning-averse and it’s never worked out. I prefer to get my workouts in after the kids are in bed, but these days that’s when I get my freelance work in. So… (I’m wincing as I type this) I think mornings have to be it. Ugh.

    I’m going to change it up this time though. In the past, I’d drag myself out of bed for some yoga or pilates. But no matter how much warm up I did, my muscles were just NOT ready for that kind of movement. (Plus, laying on the floor for my pilates videos made it just too tempting to curl up and go back to sleep.) So, I’m thinking getting up and heading outside for a walk to a nearby park and then a jog/run around the track might work better for me. We’ll see…

    I’ve gotta figure something out. I’m getting married next spring AND I committed to riding nude in next year’s Solstice Parade, so I need to get my butt back into shape! 🙂

    • First off, congrats on getting married next year, second, you go girl for committing to the nude ride, and 3rd, do cardio or a weight circuit in the morning followed by yoga or pilates. I’m with you, I would go back to sleep if I started with either format.

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