Start A Fitness Routine Today!

Start a regular fitness routine today.  You have nothing to lose (except inches) and the benefits will increase your quality of life.  Walking is probably the best form of exercise to start with for your fitness journey.

Heart health or cardiorespiratory health is the most important component of fitness.  Your heart is the muscle that keeps you alive – plain and simple.  The stronger your heart is, it will be able to pump more blood with each heartbeat – pumping less than an unfit heart.

Walking is a great activity for your heart health.*Inactive people should start incorporating walks 4-5 times per week.  Start with what you can, and  gradually increase your time  each week.

Need motivation?  

Do a one mile walk test.  Time yourself walking one mile (after a gradual warm up) and repeat the test every 4-6 weeks (using same course).   Another great motivator, is to explore a new city or one that you haven’t been to in awhile.  This week we took a family walk in the city we grew up in.  These are the photos from our adventure.  It was fun to change things up a bit.

A quick reminder:

Please check out tomorrow’s event: Great American Backyard Campout.  What a great way to kick off your summer!

My next post will be about our little camping excursion this week – fun times!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


16 thoughts on “Start A Fitness Routine Today!

  1. I like the walk test. I haven’t been able to run lately because of all the injuries I”m nursing. I’ve been needing some motiviation because walking can get boring. Thanks!

  2. As a landscape photographer who travels extensively I’m getting some wonderful ideas and having a great time following your blog. Thanks so much!

  3. I remember my first month starting the brisk walking routine. My head wasn’t in it. I was more unmotivated than motivated to do it, but I did. Week One: walked six days; Week Two: walked five days; Week Three: walked three days; and Week Four: walked two days. Now, two months later, I’m doing much better with respect to how many days I exercise. Now, I need to mind what I eat.

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