Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

First, get yourself a yoga outfit that inspires you to do your practice.

Yoga Summer

Try this yoga practice to relieve tension from your neck and shoulders.

Sit tall on a rolled up blanket or bolster.  Place your fingertips on your shoulders and circle the elbows around in a backward motion.  Reverse direction and do the same number of reps.  Focus on your breath.

With arms holding a yoga strap (bathrobe belt) or a dowel, keep arms straight and move your right shoulder forward (internal rotation).  Reverse the motion slowly into external rotation.  Repeat with the left shoulder.  It takes a little time to get use to.  Stand in front of a mirror to get the motion down.

Next, sit in a simple seated position with your right leg in front.   Stay tall as you twist waist and chest to the right.  Look behind you (over your right shoulder) without straining your neck.  Stay in your twist but turn your head to the left and tilt your right ear up (shown).  Stretches are easy, never jam your spine or neck.

Lay down on your mat.  Support your neck on a rolled up blanket.  Tilt your head to the right then slightly turn to left. Hold for a few breaths, then apply light pressure to your forehead for a deeper stretch.

End your practice with relaxation. Lie or sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus your attention to your breath.  Relaxed breathing for 3-20 minutes.


15 thoughts on “Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

  1. yes yes yes – I so need a nice stretch for my neck and shoulders – its one area that always gets stressed with my crazy workouts. However – I’ll stick with shorts and T-shirt…I am not wearing one of those little outfits you have pictured! lol.
    nice post thanks – I’ll be doing that as soon as I log out.


  2. Every morning before the day starts…me and yoga, bliss. No better way to start the day! I am sending this to my wife for the outfit ideas (not for me ;).

  3. It does help to be surrounded by stuff that motivate me to exercise. This week my home is experiencing a heat wave. I woke up this morning not feeling great from the lower mid abs. So, now I’m changing it up to indoor aerobic workout.

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