Go Take a Hike!

Hiking has to be one of my favorite activities.  Friday was  a gorgeous day and we had to take advantage of it.  Here’s some pictures of our first family hike of the summer.

Probably the most popular hike in the Seattle area.

Edward? Bella? (I’m so funny!)

Anyone know what kind of plant this is? I love it!

To all the dads out there, have a wonderful day!


8 thoughts on “Go Take a Hike!

  1. Responses to the pics: #2 – that so does look like the forest where Edward said good-bye to Bella – the twig! (still upset with Eddie boy for doing that)…#3 – I had to enlarge the pic many times and now I’m thinking this has to be an apricot tree. I would like some! Not hungry but I love fruit. Pic #4: was your son looks ready for anything down that road! He’s so cute with the one hand fisted.

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