Relieve Stress with Yoga…or Bubbles

Do you remember back when you were little, with carefree summers?  All you had to do was play all day and be home in time for dinner.  No stress at all in your childhood lives.

Do something that reminds you of those times.  Slow it down a little.

Another way to reduce stress is practicing yoga along with some breathing techniques.

Lie on the floor and put a blanket (rolled a couple times) right at your lower back.

Place both feet flat on the floor and take about 5 easy breaths.

*Inhale to prep, exhale, and draw your right knee in towards your chest.  Hold for 3-5 breaths, exhale, and lower the leg back down the the floor.  Repeat on the left leg and alternate for 3-5 sets.

Roll the blanket the rest of the way up, and place it right at your shoulder blades.

Start with  knees bent, and raise arms overhead. Hold for 3-5 breaths.  Slowly straighten out your legs. Reach your body in opposite directions, but still try to keep your shoulders depressed from your ears.  Hold pose for another 5 breaths.

Remove the blanket and lie in relaxation pose, in a supine position with your legs and arms open and relaxed.

Focus on your breath for 2-3 minutes.

Visualize a warm glowing light appearing at the top of your head and your breath slowly moves it down your body.  It warms and relaxes you as it spreads to your toes.  Continue to lie there focusing on the easy breath for another 2-3 minutes after your visual light exercise.

Now go play outside and I’ll see you at dinner time.

*Never force your stretches and always consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


13 thoughts on “Relieve Stress with Yoga…or Bubbles

  1. Hi! I now do remember blowing bubbles as a kid. Even though I’m several years into adulthood, I think I would still enjoy blowing bubbles. I’ll give it a try and let you know if it has uplifted my spirits. For yoga, I would definitely need someone there with me to make sure I don’t injure myself. Sometimes I overdo it. Yesterday, I did meditation for self-confidence. Found some on YouTube and saved them in Favorites for next time. I found it relieved some feelings I had hidden for a while. I’m like that with feelings like sadness. I wish I could cry at the moment a situation happens but I bottle it up. This was a really nice post. Wow! Now two posts that take me back to my elementary school years. Thanks!

  2. Who would have ever thought a 200 plus pound guy that is all about sports and weights would ever do yoga? I love it! The majority of people that don’t want to do it don’t think they can. They need to get over that “fear” and just try it. If I can do the balance moves, anyone can! I do it once a week and my dogs just sit there watching me. They are so good I take them outside and blow bubbles for them to chase afterwards. I guess I win on all levels that day! 🙂

  3. Honestly, your best post. 10 years ago my wife and I had bubbles during our wedding to hand out to the guests. Who doesn’t smile and have fun with bubbles? As you know I love yoga in a deep way, it means a lot to me and has helped so much over these past few years. Great post once again 🙂

  4. There has GOT to be away to combine bubbles and yoga into the best combination of whimsy and endorphin-inducing fitness EVER.

    Oh wow, I looked that up on Youtube and this is what I found:

    I think just watching that video will do it.

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