Heave-ho, Let’s Row!

It is important to incorporate both pushing and pulling exercises into your workouts.

It is all about balance.  If you just do chest presses and push ups, but neglect the back of your body, your posture will suffer.  This is when you increase your risk of injuries.

When performing back rows (for mid-back), start in a stable position with your back straight, chest open, abs in, and shoulders retracted and depressed. Arms can start straight down from shoulders, then pull dumbbells up towards your hips while pinching your shoulder blades together.  Focus on bringing the elbows together while pressing the  shoulders down away from the ears.

Tweak the exercise by changing up your hand positions too. Add in balance for more of a challenge (and added core work).  If one leg is too challenging, drop your toe down to floor. Perform high rows for upper back.  Use lighter weights and keep your shoulders down as you pull weights out in-line with your chest.  Keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle at the top of the move – no chicken wings!  If you have poor shoulder flexibility (like I do right now), then only lift as high as you are successful. For lower back exercises (and core work) click here.

Consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


5 thoughts on “Heave-ho, Let’s Row!

  1. Thanks for the lesson. We definitely do the rows in Les Mills Class (LMBP) but never the balancing act. That definitely peaks my interest and I’ll have to try this one at home on my own. I need more flexibility & good balance so I’m looking at doing ddogs and planks at home — quite a bit!!!

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