Head to your local school for a workout.

*Taking your workouts off the treadmill is a great change of pace, gets you outdoors, and is actually more challenging.

Warm up with a walk or jog for 5-10 minutes.

Warm up exercises here.

Get back into a jog or run.  On the straightaways, perform buttkickers, high knees, carioca (cross-in-front, cross behind), and sprint.


High Knees



Opposite Direction

If there aren’t too many people there, walk or run the opposite direction to even out your turns.


Backpedaling, side shuffles, and diagonals are great drills to add for cross-training.

For diagonals (zig-zag coordination drill):

  • Start in outside lane,
  • Take 2 steps in each lane
  • When you reach the inside lane take 3 steps (to change lead legs)
  • Repeat, weaving back and forth.
If you aren’t a runner, you can perform these drills at a slower pace and walk the turns.  All fitness levels can do this workout.

*Please see your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


9 thoughts on ““Traaack!”

  1. This is such a great idea. Normally, I really hate running. I need distraction to keep my willpower up. I think that just means I have weak willpower?? oh well. Anyway, this is great because you’re changing it up the whole time. I will definitely stay distracted enough to keep going. I will have to use this! Thanks!

  2. Hi! There is a school about 1-2 minutes from my home and they have a track similar to this one (but probably not as big!). I’ll check with them to see if it’s okay that I can use the space for ….jogging!

    One thing if you can help explain to me is what is METs h/w…something to do with metabolic rate per hour for the week. So for example how do I calculate MET for brisk walking 3 mp? I searched the Internet and got 3.3 but still rather ask you.

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