Glutes, Inner, and Outer Thigh – Oh My!

Something as simple as stepping out to the side is a great way to strengthen glutes, adductors, and abductors.

Stationary Side Lunge

Start in a wide, stable stance.

Push your right hip back while keeping your left leg straight.  Try pressing your right heel down to the ground to force yourself to bring your hips back.

Go back to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Make it more challenging by incorporating arm reaches across the body or towards your toe.

Continue to increase the difficulty by starting in a standing position with your feet close together.   Step out to the right side into your side lunge, then push off your right leg back to standing.

Try adding balance (holding at least 3 seconds) when successful with above exercises.


5 thoughts on “Glutes, Inner, and Outer Thigh – Oh My!

  1. I like these better than regular lunges. I never manage to plant my foot in the right spot with walking lunges, and I can’t stop freaking out about my knees long enough to get in a decent workout. 🙂 Stationary feet FTW!

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