No Weights? No Problem! Get Fit Now!!

Warm up with a 5-10 minute walk, jog, bike ride, board, blade or whatever is enjoyable to you.

All warmed up?  Great!  Let’s get going!!

*Start off with push ups.  How many can you do with good form?

Need it easier?  Go down to your knees or perform exercise from a table or bench.


While you are at the bench, turn around for tricep dips.  Go as long as you can without locking out your elbows or shrugging your shoulders.


Now get in some cardiovascular exercise.  Again, your choice on activity, to get to your next destination.  Get there fast and work your heart!  Are you smiling and having fun?  Yes, you are!


Do some balance training.  Balance is always important for ankle, knee, hip, and core stability.

Pretend you are on a tight rope or balance on a parking curb. Reach down towards your toes with your weight even on both legs.  Push your hips back.


Next, have both hands out in front of you and follow one hand with your eyes – don’t fall in!


More cardio. Go back to your first location and do another round of push ups and tricep dips, then come back here – even faster than the first time!


Do a little more balance work.  Lean forward, hinging at the hip, extend back leg straight (aiming towards hip level).  Now, can you turn your head to the side and focus on your hand?


All that is left, is maybe a couple standing abdominal exercises and your stretches!  Nice work!!

*Consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.


10 thoughts on “No Weights? No Problem! Get Fit Now!!

    • Push-ups are a pressing motion. The chest is the primary muscle group worked,triceps are the secondary muscle group, and shoulders/core are the stabilizers for the exercise. In other words, you work many muscle groups, but in different ways. Hope that makes sense.

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