How To Stretch With Ease

You know you need to stretch more, but your body just won’t cooperate with you!  You go down to touch your toes and you have shooting pains down your leg.  Does this sound familiar?

Below are 5 stretches that are gentle on your body, but increase flexibility and range of motion.

Start slowly with each stretch, going just to the point where you feel tightness. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds – relaxing into the stretch.  If your breathing tends to get shallow, you are probably pushing into it too hard.

Keep your spine in a neutral position with your abs pulled in slightly, chest lifted, and shoulders down away from the ears.  Need a visual? Think if there was a string attached at the top of your head, and your string was being pulled upward.  The motion is subtle – you want it to feel comfortable.

1.  Quadriceps Stretch: Keep knees adjacent to each other and don’t let your back arch.

2.  Runner’s Lunge:  Press your front heel down into floor, so your knee stays behind toes.

3.  Inner Thigh Stretch:  Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders.

4.  Hip Stretch:  Gently push your top knee down away from you and slightly lean forward.

5.  Hamstring Stretch:  Don’t push to far – just to the point of tightness (no pain).


14 thoughts on “How To Stretch With Ease

  1. Hi! This is the info I was looking for. I don’t know why but I had forgotten about stretching until I feel a little bit of pain – not that I have gone over it. I feel the shooting pain on both legs which makes me think I may have sciatica. Don’t mean to be a hypochondriac, but I guess it’s good to think about what’s going on with my body and understand what really happening. Thanks for the stretching routines in this post.

  2. This is great and so easy to do right at home! I can even do it with my kids around! Great post, I need to more stretching! Thanks 🙂 I will repost my blogger awards this weekend, thank you again so much for it!

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