Agility Ladder Drills For All Ages

When is the last time you worked on your agility?

Agility is the body’s ability to change direction or position with quickness and efficiency.  It applies to all fitness levels and all ages.  The more agile you are, the quicker you are able to react to the situation at hand.  Whether its regaining your balance on a slippery floor, or needing quick reaction to keep your kids from running out on a busy street.

Ladder drills are fun and can help build your speed, agility, and quickness.  You don’t need to be an athlete to use a ladder, even senior fitness classes are using them now.

In the picture above I’m traveling sideways, both feet have to go in each square before advancing forward.

If you don’t have a ladder, you can make one with painters tape on the floor.

Think hopscotch, pick a pattern (any pattern you can think of) as you travel across the ladder facing forward, sideways, or backwards.  Start slowly, once you have the pattern, pick up the pace.  If you do this on grass – pick up those feet!

These drills below are from my notes that I scanned, sorry I didn’t make them pretty for you.  You get the idea though, right?


9 thoughts on “Agility Ladder Drills For All Ages

  1. Once again this is spot on! Cheap, can be done outdoors and grab the kids. Practice your agility for a few minutes and tear the kids up in hop-scotch!!!

  2. Nice! I had forgotten about hopscotch. I like those three that you have here. I guess where there are two numbers either in or out, that means use both feet at the same time and where there is just one number in the row, that’s just one foot down and the other bent behind me. I miss some of the things I used to enjoy in elementary school.

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